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How Metals Alpha works


The Global Opportunities Program seeks value in short- and long-term fundamental expectations using a proprietary multifactor “quantimental” trend &  mean-reversion model. The program uses a top-down method, beginning with a fundamental approach, digesting quantitative data, and rounding out with technical analysis. The Advisor will look to current and future central bank policy shifts, anticipate economic data trends, and assess the macro landscape at large.

Expressing a view in markets will also include an assessment of current and future supply-demand imbalances with a favorable risk/reward ratio in the market

The Global Opportunities trading program is for Qualified Eligible Persons (QEPs) only. 

While Blue Creek is a CTA, Global Opportunities utilizes a quantimental trend & sentiment approach that stems from the Trading Principal's discretion on asset class selection, sizing, and execution. Trade structures are designed to limit risk and do not take outright short option positions in the market.


The Metals Alpha program only trades exchange listed futures and options on futures contracts. We work with assets within the metals sector including Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, and Aluminum following the listed trends


Current and Future Central bank Policy Shifts 


Supply and Demand Dynamics


Macro Themes 


Anticipated Trend of Economic Data 



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